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  April, the month of MIRACLES and MANIFESTATIONS!  A time of seeing the Hand of God move like never before, in many lives.


As The Lord told me that He is continuing to speed up the TIME, we are advancing, and FAST FORWARDING into the next Dimension of Grace, that will enable you to do those things that seem so much harder for you to do, and accomplish.  The Lord is granting you more Grace to accomplish His will, more Grace and strength to follow His leading.  Vision guidance, direction.  Leading some to close
certain doors that are leading many to the path of destruction!!  There will be a REDIRECTION for so many as The Lord is raising you
up for HIM.


You will get stronger as you go Deeper!!! You will hear His voice more and more as you set your hearts to seek Him.(2 Corinthians 12:9)  His strength is being made perfect in your weaknesses.  At the same time there will be many harsh things, greater chastisement and stripping coming to those who have sown WICKEDNESS and have refused Godís Mercy that is found through heart CONVICTION, and followed by true Repentance.

 God says itís time for reaping to come full circle.




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